Accelerator FAQ

What happens at Starta?

What happens at Starta stays at Starta! Just joking. Here’s what actually happens.

What Does Starta do for you?

Starta Global Residency Track is a program for startups with international roots which are seeking to expand to the U.S. We look for startups with a significant technology focus, in any sector, and the potential to have a global product. Most applicants already have a Minimum Viable Product and proven traction in their home country.

Our program is three long, and focuses on helping startups establish operations in the US and move forward on the path to attaining revenue and raising funds.

We have two cohorts per year, each comprised of up to 20 startups.

Participants in our program work directly with our partners and mentors, and will have access to our extensive network of investors. We have outstanding, expert mentors that focus on improving each startup’s communications, business development, sales, marketing, and fundraising - providing both strategic and tactical advice which is tailored to the U.S. business environment.

Participation in the Global Residency Track will have flexible terms for companies at pre-seed, seed, and early growth stages, operating on an advisory fee of 3-6% (calculated based on the stage of the company). Earlier stage companies looking to cover relocation costs will be eligible for initial cash investment.

Participants are required to be physically present at our co-working space in New York City for the first two months of the program.

What makes our program unique is our proven ability to ease the transition of international startups to the U.S., from the biggest issues to the smallest details - that is our core competency - as well as our extensive network of established business connections, which has taken our Partners years to cultivate. We treat our startups like family, both during and after the program.

Be aware that Starta Global Residency Track is an intense program that requires a very firm commitment from participants - but the results can be extremely rewarding. To date, over 100 startups have completed our accelerator program and they have gone on to raise over $90 million.

Can I receive additional funding from Starta Ventures after the program?

The new program format has been specifically tailored to sourcing and vetting companies for Starta's new $50M Fund, which has a target of investing into 15-20 companies per year. The fund offers $200k-$500k to the top performing residents and will provide further support in co-investment deals. The companies will be selected based on the product-market and investment fit.


Should I apply?

Do you see the US as your next target market? Can your product be scaled globally? Do you have a working MVP? Do you have at least some traction in your home market? Do you have a strong team? Are you ready for 12 intense and adventurous weeks? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you are our perfect fit!

Please apply here!

What types of companies are you looking for?

We are agnostic. We work with tech companies in various industries, with the exception of very narrow ones, like biotech, this is because these companies might need very specific accommodations and facilities provided (like a fully equipped lab) and we believe it might be better for them to apply to an industry accelerator.

Are you looking for particular stage companies?

We have no specific stage requirements, but most of the companies we accept already have an MVP and proven traction in their home country. However, we do not reject companies just for being earlier than that as long as we fall in love with your idea and see a strong committed team.

New to Batch 8: early-growth stage companies with consistent revenue and an established business model are welcome to apply.

How Do I Apply?

Fill out your application here. The more information you provide in your application the better are the chances that we will contact you for an interview. Don’t worry once you submit your application you can always edit it and update the responses if necessary.

How do I know if my startup is accepted?

We usually start getting in touch about 2 weeks before the application process closes. We will reach out to you via email and then have 2-3 calls during which you will talk to different members of our team. Soon after you will receive an email with our feedback and in case you are a good fit - an invitation to join the Global Residency program.

You never contacted me. Why?

This can be for many reasons, so please don't take it personally. Perhaps your application was not fully filled out or did not provide enough information. We receive hundreds of applications and there are physical limitations on how many people we can interview.

Can we apply more than once? Can we apply again for the next batch?

Yes! You can only submit one application from a startup per program. But you can definitely re-apply for the next batch. It is not rare that we can not accept a project into our program because it’s too early stage, but we are happy to reconsider it for our next batch if we see good potential! Several of our Batch 5 startups initially applied for batches 4 and 3 and after getting feedback from us were able to work on their companies and successfully get accepted into Batch 5.

Can I submit two startups?

Yes! But keep in mind that we are looking for full commitment from the founders when it comes to a project. It is quite rare that a founder can keep up with two different startups at a time.

We've already raised funding. Can we still apply?


If we participated in another accelerator, can we still apply to Starta?



Do we need to incorporate in the US?

Yes, we require that you incorporate the company in the United States after you’ve been accepted into the program. We help you with the incorporation process.

Am I required to locate my company in your space during the program?


Do you require a certain number of founders? How many people can come?

No. We are eager to host either 1 or several representatives of your company in NYC.

Do we have to be US citizens? What kind of visa do we need?

No. B1/B2 visa is enough, most of our founders come here on B1/B2 Visas.

Can you help us with visas?

We don't get directly involved with visas, but we can give some advice. We also have quite a mailing list of founders who had to get one at some point. We will be happy to make intro ductions and connect you.

Will you pay my travel expenses?

No, we do not reimburse any interview-related travel expenses.


I’ve never been to the US before. Is that ok?

That's is totally ok. Actually about 70 percent of our founders have never been to the US before Starta. During the program we will do our best to help you solve your relocation problems and help you acclimate as smoothly as possible.

How good does my English have to be?

We expect you to be able to freely communicate, pitch and hold Q&A's about your product in English. Don't worry if your English doesn't seem to be very good yet. Once you immerse yourself into the English speaking environment you will quickly improve. Most people do. We also provide communication classes as part of the program.

How can I talk to Starta alumni?

You can always reach out to our alumni or read their reviews here. Another good idea is follow Facebook or come to the events we organize all over the world. You can find them on this page.

Do you sign NDAs?

We do not. Like all the VC firms, we hear too many ideas to sign NDAs. We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the information you submit to us during the application process and will not share it outside of the Starta Ventures team.

Are you hiring?

We aren't, but companies we've funded are. Working for a startup that went through an acceleration program can be a great opportunity for future founders.