Dimitri Grigorovich

CEO & Founder of Apiterra

Coach at Starta

Dimitri Grigorovich Photo

Dimitri Grigorovich is the Founder and CEO of Apiterra, a honey brand that aims to use technology and innovation to make good quality food accessible and affordable to everyone.

Grigorovich caught the entrepreneurial bug at the age of 17, and hasn't looked back since. The son of a 2nd generation beekeeper, he grew up with a strong passion for food and nature, and therefore food has been a strong focus for most of his business ventures.

His current business, Apiterra, was founded in late 2015 and is currently one of the fastest growing honey brands in the US, with products carried in more than 3,500 high-profile stores across the country. His company is also the first product manufactured in either Russia or Belarus to be carried at Whole Foods.

Due to Grigorovich's sharp operational skills, Apiterra has grown to over one million dollars in revenue without having to take on any outside funding, which is highly unusual in the hyper-competitive and commoditized CPG category. Dimitri has also steered the company towards growth with his strong sales and product development skills, achieving three digit year-over-year growth with key retail partners like Wegman's and Whole Foods.

Dimitri strongly believes that the growing consumer demand for transparency and better-for-you foods opens a huge opportunity for start-ups from all around the world to make an impact on our communities, our environment, and our everyday lives.