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Dzmitry Harbunou

Founder & COO of Beerbet

Dzmitry Harbunou Photo

The idea of the beerbet came to my mind after 8 years of experience in the sphere of Live sports data collecting business. It's connected me deeply with gambling, sports marketing and of course made me a big sports fan.
Like all other fans, I have my favorite team, but this team is far away from Minsk and I have to go to sports bars every other week to enjoy the games. However, not all my friends have such passion for sports, and usually they get bored at the bar while we are watching the game together, so once we made a deal, that they can get a free drink if they predict the scores right. Therefore, it was the first step to our Beerbet project.
Predict and get discounts on food or free drinks, without losing!