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John Ason has been an angel investor for over 21 years specializing in early stage pre‐revenue companies. He has made over eighty eclectic investments in the areas of e‐commerce, technology, advertising, digital social media and entertainment. Of his eighty companies there are 20 female founders, 12 international companies and 30 currently active companies. Some of John's notable exits include Xlibris, LiveLOOK sold to Oracle, sold to Amazon for $545 million, Centrak sold to Halma for $140 million and sold to Walmart for $3.3 billion. Some of John’s current interesting companies include ScentBird, Tunity, HiFi,,,, GeoCV, Navigine,,, Monaeo, EquityZen, Battlefy, and Koding.

John Has been a guest in 15 countries speaking at conferencies, participating on panels and pitch sessions and discussing startup ecosystens with governments.

Prior to being an angel investor John had a career at AT&T Bell Labs. He spent the first ten years doing bleeding edge technology development and then 15 years marketing large telecommunications systems to international telecommunications companies. John guest lectures at NJIT, Fairleigh Dickinson, Rutgers, NYU, Columbia and Wharton. John is a mentor at the Entrepreneurial Roundtable, DreamIt and TechStars accelerators. John has a BS in Mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology. John’s hobbies include traveling, golf, Go (Asian game) and mentoring companies. Please visit his website at and his interview at

John only accepts one page executive summaries sent to John will not respond to requests for time or meetings, reviewing websites or projects or requests for what kind of interests I have or what industries I invest in.