Serge Milman

Managing Partner of Starta Ventures

Serge Milman Photo

Serge Milman is a New York City based entrepreneur, asset manager and portfolio manager. He has more than 15 years of experience in portfolio management, equities/options and derivatives trading, startup investing and real estate investing.

Milman is the founder of Ronin Asset Management LLC, a proprietary trading firm, where he directly managed traders in the New York and remote offices. Besides building strategies for maximum profitability and efficiency, Milman oversaw firm wide risk and created proprietary strategies in maximizing returns.

Milman is a founder of Dellwood Capital Partners LP, a privately managed hedge fund with a niche focus on tech, telecom and media investing.

Today, Serge Milman is a managing partner at Starta Ventures, where he focuses on tokenization and portfolio management of Starta's venture investments. Serge has led the firm's successful metamorphosis into the world's first institutional VCs to tokenize its portfolio assets, which has resulted in several multi-million dollar ICOs, including Starta's own successful crypto offering. Serge also mentors Token Rockets startups as they progress through the various stages of tokenization, from drafting a white paper up to the creation and distribution of one's coin offering.