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GeoCV is a mobile app for 3D capturing the world. The company’s vision is to become the #1 solution for 3D reality capture. GeoCV starts with providing immersive 3D virtual tours for real estate, which help agents attract more engaged customers and sell faster while spending less time on live demos. We live in a 3D world, 3D is the most truthful way of capturing and sharing. The emerging market of virtual and augmented reality, that is projected to be $120B in 2020, drives the need of 3D content creation.

The founders have been working in 3D computer vision industry for 9 years. They started with R&D projects with Samsung and then founded 3 companies, including a startup that has been acquired. The team includes a Samsung TopCoder, an inventor of a 3D format standard, a creator of a popular gamedev library. 6 out of 10 team members have PhDs. GeoCV differentiates itself from competitors in different market positioning and better technology. Due to advanced computer vision algorithms, their product will deliver truly photorealistic and accurate 3D models of spaces, objects and humans in real-time.

The company has raised $700K from 5 investors. GeoCV has graduated from Rothenberg Ventures River – the first acceleration program for the fastest growing startups in virtual reality and frontier technologies. The company has started building partnerships with Google, Intel and other strategic partners, which drive the 3D ecosystem.

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