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Automation of key management and parking lot merchandising for automotive retail.

For dealerships in automotive retail and for large vehicle fleets problems of vehicle key storage and condition/location monitoring of each particular car on the parking lot are acute. Even for the smallest enterprises, the loss of productive time of employees due to the terms of key search or regular "manual"​ checking of vehicle technical condition is measured in amounts of $60,000 annually. The inevitable consequence is a decrease in the quality of customer service and satisfaction. With the increase in the number of client transactions, the risks of process errors are growing due to the human factor and the emergence of costs for the profile staff is imminent.

Mastakey is software/hardware automation infrastructure-as-a-service product: without inintial investments and only monthly payments. Mastakey guarantees dealerships and fleets the decrease of costs on staff operating the vehicle stock management and key storage.

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